Secret Haven Kennel


Deerhound Hopefuls/Lévrier Écossais qui promet:

Sabine Has It At Secret Haven



Michèle Fink

Born/née: December 06, 2018

SIRE: UKC Ch. Lilac Wind Mérens at Secret Haven

DAM: Ch. Discord Has Fun At Secret Haven

Lilac Wind Mérens at Secret Haven (FRA)"Mérens"

Breeder/Éleveur: Florent Freidrich

Born/née: December 19, 2016

SIRE: Lilac Wind Idoine

DAM: Ch. Marple Von Averlon

Doing well for others:

Warlock Bewitched SecretHaven

"Warlock" now living in France with Florent Freidrich of Lilac Wind.

Breeder/Éleveur: Michèle Fink

Born/née: December 1, 2016

SIRE: Ch. Harambee's Sheridan Whispers

DAM: Gadhar Torr Azimuth Pride of SecretHaven

Nightwatch the Scarlet Cord (USA)



Rev Sandy Betz Burchell & Mary McShannock

Born/née: June 22, 2015

SIRE: Bruach's Ailm of Nightwatch

DAM: Nightwatch Royal Salute D'Lux

Doing well for others:

Devoted Chastity of SecretHaven

"Saltire" now living in Vermont, USA with Lee & Lois Reseguie of Gadhar Torr.

Breeder/Éleveur: Michèle Fink

Born/née: December 1, 2016

SIRE: Ch. Harambee's Sheridan Whispers

DAM: Gadhar Torr Azimuth Pride of SecretHaven

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