Secret Haven Kennel

 JetStar Shines at SecretHaven - "Jet"

Born February 22, 2016. Eight boys and two girls! /

Née le 22 février 2016. Huit garçons et deux filles! 

This boy is the Grand-puppies of the top French Borzoi

Chef D'Oeuvre du Grand-Fresnoy !

Il est le petits-chiots du meilleur barzoï de France

Chef d'Oeuvre du Grand-Fresnoy!

Boy 1 - JetStar Shines at SecretHaven

Available to show/performance home or companion home

Sable with dark tan tips with Irish markings (larger collar)

ID: 900108001875022

Implanted April 8 2016

DM result - Clear

-at twelve weeks he weighed 23lb2oz

-at eight weeks he weighed 6k/13lb4oz

-as six weeks he weighed 4.23k/9lb5oz

-at five weeks he weighed 2.45k/5lb9oz

-at three weeks he weighed 1.47k/3lb4oz

-at 1 week he weighed 640gr/1lb6.5oz

A few candid shots of Jet taken on Sunday March 19, 2017 - so he is 13 months old.  

 Picture at six weeks

  Picture at three weeks

 Picture at three weeks

  Picture at one week

Picture at 11 months old
Picture at six months

 Picture at 13 weeks

Picture at 11 weeks

  Picture at six weeks

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