Secret Haven Kennel

Doing well for others/Qui a du succès pour les autres
Warlock Bewitched SecretHaven-"Warlock"
Owned and Loved by/Appartenant et Aimé par
 Florent Fredrich of Lilac Wind (France)


Michèle Fink


Born/née: December 01, 2016

Microchip # 990000000765531

SIRE: Ch. Harambee's Sheridan Whispers

DAM: Ch. Gadhar Torr Azimuth Pride of SecretHaven

Health Testing:

Factor VII - Normal
47528certificateofresults-Boy Brown.pdf 47528certificateofresults-Boy Brown.pdf
Size : 144.568 Kb
Type : pdf


26 august 2017 - Swiss Deerhound Breedshow (green) + Lotzwil Sighthounds Show (red and blue)

Warlock at 17 months

International Dog Show Lyon, France. 22 april 2018.
Juge : Mr Yves Emmanuel Villanova, France.
1st Excellent intermediate Class, CAC + Cacib + BOB.

 Photo Joëlle Berthalon

Sighthounds Show Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, Germany, 21 april 2018.
Judge Mrs Linda Reinelt-Gebauer, Germany.
Warlock Bewitched Secret Haven, 16 months old.
1st Excellent intermediate Class, VDH, CAC.

Swiss Deerhound club Show 26 august 2017.
Judge Mr Bernard Barjot, France.
Team Lilac Wind.
Warlock Bewitched Secret Haven, VV1st, JüBOB, JüBIS.
, Almost 9 months old.
Photos Stefan Krieg.
— in Lotzwil, Switzerland.

Swiss Deerhound Breedshow + Lotzwil Sighthounds Show.
26 august 2017, Judge Mr Bernard Barjot (France).
Warlock Bewitched Secret Haven , almost 9 months old.
Won Puppy BOB & Puppy BIS.
5 Puppy-BIS + 1 Puppy-BIS-3 at 7 shows.

8 months

Warlock Bewitched Secret Haven at Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival 12+13 august 2017.
Day 1, Puppy BOB + Puppy BIS-3
Day 2, Puppy BOB + Puppy BIS.
Owner Florent Friedrich (Kennel Lilac Wind), breeder Michele Fink.
Photo Kate Grishakova.

Darmstadt Sighthound Double Show. Day & Night CAC.
Warlock Bewitched Secret Haven at Lilac Wind, 7 months old .
Twice J-BIS
(Judge BIS Day Mr Coppel, Night Mrs Märki-Casanova)
Day Show, judge Mrs C.Muldoon (Ireland)....

1st Very Promising, J-BOB & J-BIS.
Night Show, judge Mr C. Coppel (France).
1st Very Promising, J-BOB & J-BIS.
Photos and videos, Nicole Roel.

6.5.2017 - Sighthounds show Freiburg, Germany at 5 months

Ville : Freiburg Germany - Juge : Mrs Birgit Piesik, Germany.

1 very promising, Class Baby. Baby BOB. Meilleur Chiot, Baby BIS

Warlock Bewitched Secret Haven . 4 months old.
German Breedshow at Volkmarsen, 8 april 2017.
1st Very Promising and Baby BOB, with Judge Ken Aird (GB).
Fritzens trophy, Baby BOB, is at Lilac Wind kennel for the 3rd consecutive year.
Thanks to breeder
Michele Fink who trained so well this wonderful puppy.
Florent Friedrich
Photo Marie Kaes

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