Secret Haven Kennel

SecretHaven Auggy Knows Stuff

Born February 1, 2016 / née 1er février 2016. 

 Boy 3- White with red brindle spots

Sold - SecretHaven Auggy Knows Stuff will be going to sunny Sacramento, California area!

ID: 900108001873033

Implanted March 13, 2016

=at 13 weeks he weighed 24lb4oz

-at ten weeks he weighed 8.89k/19lb10.5oz

-at seven weeks he weighed 3.06k/6lb12oz

-at six weeks he weighed 2.2k/5lb1oz

-at five weeks he weighed 1.7k/3lb11oz

-at four weeks he weighed 1.48k/3lb4.5oz

-at three weeks he weighed 1.13k/2lb6.5oz

-a two weeks he weighed 810gr/1lb12.5oz

-at one week he weighed 650gr/1lb6.5oz

-at birth he weighed 400gr/14oz

  Picture at three weeks old

  at two weeks old picture

Picture at one week old

 picture at one day old

  Picture at three weeks old

  at two weeks old picture

 Pictue at six weeks old

Auggy at the Lyons Reservoir at 10 months
Picture at 5 and half Months

 Picture at 19 weeks

Picture at eleven weeks old

Picture at seven weeks

Picture at four weeks old

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