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 A Little bit about the breed.....

Whenever purchasing a Borzoi, always make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder.

Also a few notes of caution;  Review the purchase agreement to ensure that the health warranty is for a period of no less that three years since many congenital conditions cannot be detected before then and sometimes later. 

The RCMP have aslo sent an advisory since there are a number of scams being perpetrated. See PDF document.

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Borzoï, what does the name mean?

"Borzoï" comes from the old Slavic language and means: fast-moving, swift, agile, nimble, intelligent, zealous, and fervent. It is not only used to describe dogs but horses or even people.  The word “psovaya” also of Slavic origin means hair; therefore “psovaya borzava” signifies the fast-moving dog breed          

Breed Description

The Borzoi is a very attractive Sighthound from which emerges undeniable grace and nobility. He is considered a giant breed with a gentle, affectionate and loyal temperament.

Well trained, he is swift and has incredible stamina when coursing.  However he can be quite adept during a hunt since he is very powerful and courageous.

Origin: Canine breed, member of the Sighthound family of hounds originated in Russia in the 17th century, and often associated with Russian aristocracy.

Height:  From 28 to 32 inches (75-81 cm) for adult males at the withers, and    Females from 27 to 30 inches (68-76 cm) at the withers. Rarely does the breed exceed this size, however extra size is no disadvantage when it is not acquired at the expense of symmetry, soundness and efficiency.

Weight: Males from 75 to 105 lb (34-48kg), Females 15 to 20 lb. (7-9 kg) less

Appearance:  A giant breed with graceful, dignified, elegant and aristocratic demeanour. His general appearance is well-balanced, harmonious and aesthetically pleasing breed.

Purpose: The Borzoi is a sighthound that was originally bred for hunting hare, fox and wolf on open terrain. In Europe they can often be used as race dogs.

Temperament: The Borzoi is aloof with strangers but devoted to his family.

The Fédération cynologique internationale classifies the Borzoï in group 10, sighthounds, section 1, standard n° 193. Under Russkaya Psovay Borzaya or Russian Hunting Sighthound.

Reference to  Canadian Standard and US Standard



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