Secret Haven Kennel


 Hand Crafted Dog Blankets


We use recycled material to make all our apparel and merchandise.

Nous utilisons que du matériel recycler pour confectionner nos manteaux et produits. 

These are a few examples of blankets.  E-mail or call and we can discuss your requirement.  Everything is custom made. 

Large EX-Pen Blanket

$ 60.00 CAD

Large but easy to wash, which is wonderful. Approximately 4' X 4' dimension.


Medium sized crate blanket

$ 30.00 CAD

One side is fleece type material and the other cotton-polyester mix.  The filling is sewed into position therefore no bunching up and very easy to wash and put right back into the crate.  Can also be used on sofa or where ever you allow your pooch to rest.


XX Large Blanket

$ 55.00 CAD

His blanket XX Large is 27" X 48" - $55.00

Again made of recycle comforters and sewn so that the inside will not bunch up.


X Large Blanket - Hers

$ 50.00 CAD

Hers blanket X Large is 27" X 42" - $50.00




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