Secret Haven Kennel

 Bailey Stewards at SecretHaven - Vladimir

Born February 1, 2016 / Née 1er février 2016. 

Is now loved and living with Kaella Dassylva in Grande-Rivière Ouest, Québec

 Boy 2 - White with dark sable markings - big sable dot on rear

Sold-Bailey Stewards at Secret Haven

He has gone to a show home in Michigan.

ID: 900108001873034

Implanted March 13, 2016

-at 13 weeks he weighed 24lb2oz

-at ten weeks he weighed 7.67k/16.12lbs

-at seven weeks he weighed 4.10k/9lb.5oz

-at six weeks he weighed 3.23k/7lb1.5oz

-at five weeks he weighed 2.41k/5lb4.5oz

-at four weeks he weighed 1.48k/3lb4.5oz

-at three weeks old he weighed 1k130gr/2lb6.5oz

-at two weeks old he weighed 980gr/2lb3oz

-at one week he weighed 650gr/1lb6.5oz

-at birth this boy weighed 400 gr/14oz

 at two weeks old picture

 Picture at one week old

 at two weeks old picture

Picture at one day old

Picture at four weeks old

 Picture at three weeks old

 Picture at six weeks

 Pictue at six weeks old

First confirmation show for Vladimir during the weekend of July 14-15 in Rimouski, Québec ( Club canin du bas Saint-Laurent ). Vladimir wins a Groupe 4th under judge Ms. Avery Gaudin and allowing him to earn his first CKC Championship point.  
Pictures at 27 months taken by Kaella
Picture at 24 months
Picture at 7 1/2 months old
Picture at six and half months old

Picture at five and half months-

he weighs 54 lbs

 Picture at 19 weeks

Picture at 17 weeks

 Picture at 13 weeks

 Picture at eleven weeks old

Picture at ten weeks  

 Picture at seven weeks old

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