Secret Haven Kennel

Seize the moment w SecretHaven-"Clint"

Born February 22, 2016. / Née le 22 février 2016. 

This boy is the Grand-puppies of the top French Borzoi

Chef D'Oeuvre du Grand-Fresnoy !

Il est le petits-chiots du meilleur barzoï de France

Chef d'Oeuvre du Grand-Fresnoy!

 Boy 5 -  Seize the moment w SecretHaven-


Available for a companion home

Male cream with irish markings

ID: 900108001873798

Implanted April 8, 2016

DM Result - Carrier

-at twelve weeks he weighed 24lb2oz

-at eight weeks he weighed 5.75k/12lb11.5oz

-at six weeks he weighed 3.65k/8lb

-at five weeks he weighed 2k/4lb6.5oz

-at three weeks he weighed 1.42k/3lb20oz

-at one week he weighed 700gr/1lb8.5oz

Picture at 11 months old

 Picture at six weeks

 Picture at three weeks

  Picture at three weeks

  Picture at one week

A few candid shots taken March 19, 2017.  Clint is 13 months old and a very sweet gentle boy. 
Picture at six months
Picture at five months

 Picture at 13 weeks

 Picture at 11 weeks

  Picture at six weeks

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