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Grooming The Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested are very clean, and do not have “doggie odor”, however the Power Puffs need a lot more grooming if they are to be maintained in full coat since they do not shed and their long, fine, double coat would have a tendency to mat more easily if not brushed on a quasi daily basis.

Grooming for the hairless variety is minimal but they often needs moisturizing lotion to keep the skin soft and smooth. They are also susceptible to acne and sunburn, therefore sunscreen is recommended when they go out for walks or play outside on bright sun shiny days.

Additional grooming information can be found at the following web site;

Freedom from external and internal parasites is essential to a good, healthy coat and a healthy, happy Chinese Crested dog.

The hairless Chinese Crested requires regular bathing to help prevent skin irritations and acne and it is a good idea to massage some oil or cream into the skin to keep it moisturized and protected.

Routine bathing for the Powder Puffs will also help to maintain a healthy, matte-free.

Skincare                                                                                                                                           Maintenance of the Hairless variety's skin is similar to maintaining human skin—and as such it can be susceptible to acne, dryness, and sunburn. Hypoallergenic or oil-free moisturizing cream can keep the skin from becoming too dry when applied every other day or after bathing. Burning can occur in regions that lend themselves to strong UV-rays, especially in lighter-skinned dogs. Many owners apply baby sunscreen to their pets before spending time in strong sun. Some Cresteds have skin allergies to Lanolin, so be cautious when using any products that contain it.

Unless the dog is a "True" Hairless (one with virtually no hair growth on non-extremities), trimming and/or shaving is often performed to remove stubble growth.[1]

Daily brushing is recommended for the soft and fine double coat found on the Powder Puff variety to avoid matting. It is interesting to note that the Powder Puff’s coat will stop growing once it has attained full length. 

The Chinese Crested is further distinguished by its hare foot, (having more elongated toes) as opposed to the cat foot common to most other dogs. Because of this the quicks of Cresteds run deeper into their nails, so care must be taken not to trim the nails too short to avoid pain and bleeding.

The hairless Chinese Crested is especially prone to irregular bite patterns; missing teeth and gum disease, therefore they will be more susceptible to tooth loss and decay.  Regular brushing is advised to cleanse the mouth, teeth and tongue of bacteria as well as to exercise the gums. Brushing the gums keeps the blood flow regular, leading to better tooth development. The Powder Puffs on the other hand tend to have healthier teeth.

Ear wax can be softened with a mineral oil before cleaning. Insert a few drops of oil and gently massage the ear, then swab with cotton tipped applicators.

Trimming is not necessary, but may be used in moderation to give the Chinese Crested a finished look. Trimming should only be performed after bathing, because trimming a dirty coat will result in inconsistent results.


Grooming is not only for show dogs. Regular brushing; with coat, foot and nail, ear, and tooth care can ensure that your Chinese Crested continues to be healthy and happy, and is a credit to the breed both at home and while enjoying activities away from home.


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