Secret Haven Kennel

Sire: Ch Helsinki du Grand Fresnoy (FRA)

Dam: Ile de Beauté (FRA)


Health Test results:



Heart Test -Pending

Bruscellosis - Pending

Male-white with cream patches on back


Implanted April 8, 2016

-at twelve weeks he weighed 24lb6oz

-at eight weeks he weighed 5k/11lb.01oz

-at six weeks he weighed 3.01k/6lb10oz

-at five weeks he weighed 1.79k/3lb15oz

-at three weeks he weighed 1.46kg/3lb3.5oz

-at one week he weighed 560gr/1lb5.5oz


Secret Haven Gruff of Bythewood (Gruff

born/née: 22 février, February 22, 2016 

Breeder/éleveur: Michèle Fink

Owned and loved by: Natalya Bythewood

BOB - Show 2 - Sept 30-2018 Judge Mrs. Donna Conod - Owner handled
BOB - Show 1 - Sept 30-2018 judge Mr. Robert L. Robinson - Owner handled
BOB- Show 2 - Sept 29-2018 - Judge Danelle M. Brown - owner handled
BOB - show 1- Sept 29-2018 Judge Daniel J. Smyth, Esq - owner handled
BOB. Judge Ms.Ann Ingram

Erie Shore Kennel Club show in Caledonia 2012 - Harmony gets a 5 point major with David Miller and beeting multiple best in show winner and specials in the process. She is now a Canadian Champion.  

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