Secret Haven Kennel

  Puppies have arrived!  Born October 30, 2014. Five boys and three girls!

At eight weeks it is time to explore the new surroundings

with mom's watchful eyes!

 The Girls

Green- girl now blue ribbon

reserved- Gone to Quebec

 week four-7 lb 15oz /3kl 580gr


Mistress Kelly of SecretHaven "Kelly"

 Kelly with her Master Sports Runner Nemo -

 I think they pooped each other out!

Brown -girl-home in Alberta

 week four -8 lb 71/2oz /3kl 840gr

ID: 956000003734363

 SecretHaven’s Sweet Siusaidh

Red Girl-Staying at SecretHaven

Discord has fun at SecretHaven "Discord"

 week three 5lb 6oz / 2kl 430gr

 week two 2lb 15 oz / 1kl 350gr

  one week 1lb12oz / 800gr

 week four -8 lb 10 oz /3kl 890gr


 The Boys

 Beige- boy-reserved -

Leaving for Colorado

Summit BenNevis of SecretHaven "Nevis"

 week four-9 lb 8oz /4kl 310gr

ID: 956000003875024

 BurgandyBoy - Kermitchi Smiles at SecretHaven - reserved - Going to NorthBay - "Kermit"

 week four-7 lb 14oz /3kl 359gr

ID: 956000003870597

 Blue now Green Ribbon - Boy - Gone to Burlington area

DughallMor of SecretHaven -"Doughall"

 week four-7 lb 15oz /3kl 580gr

ID: 956000003628463

Black now White ribbon-Boy- Staying at SecretHaven - Mischief Maker of SecretHaven - "Mischief"

 week four-9 lb 0oz /4kl 070gr

ID: 956000003434445

available to show/foster home or staying at SecretHaven

Olive green ribbon - boy - AnarchyRules at SecretHaven "Anarchy"

no collar- now Olive-grey collar-boy - Staying at SecretHaven

 week four-9 lb 13oz /4kl 460gr

ID: 956000003369397

available to show/foster home or staying at SecretHaven

 At six weeks the milk bar is about to close! New feeding style!

 Feeding time! Got to be quick because it all goes fast! Four weeks!

 Three week old puppies! Growing and playing around!

 Two week old puppies! Well fed, growing and resting!

 One week old puppies! Well fed and resting!

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