Secret Haven Kennel

 Puppies have arrived!  Born June 10, 2014. Two boys and two girls!

Int. Cdn Ch. Pibroch's Rowan Tree FCh NC x Harambee's Sheridan Whispers

 The Girls/Les filles

 Temprence at 5 weeks/a cinq semaines. Staying at Secret Haven

Tamsin at 5 weeks/a cinq semaines (sold/vendu)

 Temprence 2.07 kilos or approximately 5 lbs

 Tamsin 2.10 kilos or approximately 5lbs

 The Boys/Les garcons

 Valliant at 5 weeks/a cinq semaines (available to qualified pet home)

 Valliant 1.85 kilos or approximately 4 lbs

 Memphis at 5 weeks/a cinq semaines (sold/vendu)

Memphis 1.85 kilos or approximately 4 lbs

 Puppies at three weeks - July 1st

 Puppies at two weeks - June 24, 2014

 From left to right: Tamsin, Valliant, Memphis, Temprence

 The Girls/Les filles

 SecretHaven Rely on Temprence (Temprence)

Weight/poid: 1340 gr

SecretHaven's Mercenary Tamsin (Tamsin)

Weight/poid: 1420 gr

 The Boys/Les garcons

 SecretHaven's Valliant Warrior (Valliant)

Weight/poid: 1190 gr

SecretHaven Lost in Memphis (Memphis)

Weight/poid: 1260 gr

 Rowan and her babies a few days after birth

Rowan is getting ready to receive her puppies at the beginning of June. 

The nursery is ready for her!

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