Secret Haven Kennel


Health Test results:

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) -  Clear by Parentage


Heart Test -Pending

Bruscellosis - Pending


Born/née: January 25/25 janvier 2016

Bred By: Michèle Fink

Sire: Helsinki du Grand Fresnoy X

Dam: Helene-de-Troie du Grand

Phantom gets Best of Opposite sex at both shows at the Champlain Dog Club under judges Avery Gauding and Douglas Gaudin.  I also want to thank Noreena Seery for doing a terrific job with handling and presenting this lovely boy.

Phantom turns a year old here!  Promising yearling!

The Phatom of Secret Haven got Best Puppy in Breed on Sunday September 4, 2016 at the Cornwall show in Ingleside under judge Dana Cline . Dean Dennis of is the photographer . Phatom is 8 months old here.

Phantom at six and half months old learning the ropes during handling classes.
Puppy days

Boy 3- Black spotted on white

The Phantom of Secret Haven (Phantom)

ID:956000003602595 implanted Feb 22, 2016

-at twelve weeks he weighs 24.2lb

-at eight weeks he weighs 6.26k/13lb12oz

-at five weeks he weighs 3.26kg/7lb3.5oz

-at four weeks he weighs 2.52kg/5lb8.5oz

-at three weeks old he weighs 1.79gr/3lb15oz

-at two weeks old he weighs 1k280gr/2lb7.5oz

-at eight days old he weighs 840 gr/1lb 13oz

-at five days old he weighs 630 gr/1lb6.5oz

-at birth he weighed 400gr/14oz

 Picture at four weeks old

 at three weeks old - picture

   at 2 weeks old - picture

 Picture at five weekls old

 Picture at four weekls old

At three weeks old picture

 at5 days old - picture

   at 2 weeks old - picture

 Candid photos at six weeks

Picture at eight weeks

 Picture at 6 weeks old

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