Secret Haven Kennel

 Hand Crafted Dog Coats

We use recycled material to make all our apparel and merchandise.

Nous utilisons que du matériel recycler pour confectionner nos manteaux et produits.


Determining the Right Size of Clothing for Your Dog

We often get inquires from customers to suggest the right size fortheir pet if they are purchasing dog clothing, pet carrier or dog collar fromus. We offer information on our website, but ultimately, this decision has to rest with the customer for a number of reasons. Pets of the same breed maydiffer and have different sizes based on weight, height, length and so forth.The same dog apparel will fit dogs of different breeds and same weight differently.

Determining the best size for your dog is easy. You should make sure that your dog is standing. Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the spot where the tail joins the body; that'sthe start of the tail, not the very tip. That measurement becomes the coat size for your dog. The measurements you see onall our apparel indicate this top line measurement. If you get an odd number for a measurement, we suggest that you round up to the next even number for female dogs and round down to the next even number for male dogs. Most dogs can be fit using this sizing method. Please see individual product items for recommendations made by specific manufacturers for sizing.

Measure your dog from the baseof the neck to the spot where the tail joins the body

This diagram should provide a helpful guide for you to figure out where you need to put the measuring tape in order to determine a good fit for your dog. 

Winter coats

$ 25.00 CAD

Made from fleece and coton polyester shell. For small dogs.


Winter Coat Long and Lean

$ 60.00 CAD

The fabrics used included fleece and light denim for this example.  Each coat is unique and the combinations depend on what can be found as raw material.  However you can express your preferences and we can discuss the final outcome. For large dogs.  


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